By Riley Gentry, Features Editor

    1. When are you graduating? People have to know the exact date even though most of them will forget the next day and ask you plenty of more times the same question and get the same answer or they will ask knowing good and well they aren’t going to attend your graduation.
    2. How many years have you been in college? As if graduating from college wasn’t hard enough, graduates have to worry about people judging us for the amount of time it took us to get our well-earned degree. Regardless of if it took four years or ten, every graduate finished. We don’t need your judgments. Just support us and say you’re proud. 
    3. What are your plans after college? For most of us, this is the most frequently asked question. And for most graduates, the answer is WE DON’T KNOW! We are just happy to be graduating and haven’t had time to think much further than that. 
    4. Do you have a job/internship set up already? Maybe. Or maybe not. The point is that we will get a job or internship when the time is right. Our job or lack thereof is our business and we will tell you all about it when or if we have one on our terms. 
    5. Where will you be living? Maybe the same town as the university I graduated from. Maybe some new, exciting city I’ve never been too. Or maybe I’m moving back in with my parents so that I can save up money. Wherever I’m living just know that I made that decision for myself and what I thought was best for me. 
    6. Are you excited to graduate? This one is tricky because it can be yes, no or a combination of both. Personally, I feel a combination of both. While I am excited to graduate, I’m also not ready to be done with college. I have loved my college experience and am not quite ready for it to be over. The adult world is new and scary and I am not a person who handles change well, so when I graduate it will be a bittersweet experience. 
    7. How many times did you have to change your major? Guess what? It doesn’t really matter. We have a degree and that’s what really matters. Also, just because we have a degree in [insert major here] doesn’t mean we are going to pursue a job within that field. 
    8. What was your final GPA? Really? Honestly, unless you plan to go to graduate or law school or more school at all after graduation, this question is completely irrelevant. Try asking us graduates questions with actual substance.  
    9. Are you scared to enter the real world? Uhhhh, YES! I’m terrified to be leaving the only thing I’ve known for the last 15 years. Aka school. I’ve never had a big girl/boy job before and the thought of having to be a real adult with little to no help is extremely scary.  
    10. Will your parents still be financially supporting you? There’s a very good chance the answer to this is yes. For the most part through college us, students rely on our parents to scrape by financially. The practicality of being a full-time student, with a job, and fully supporting ourselves without the help of our parents is highly unrealistic, at least for me. After I graduate, I will still rely on my parents to help me pay for some things that I can’t pay for myself. There is nothing wrong with this and there shouldn’t be shame in asking for help, especially financial help. Most college graduates are left with debt up to their eyeballs after they graduate and people expect them to pay for it all themselves on top of all the other bills they have to pay. So, in my opinion, asking for financial help is smart and can help you in the long run in terms of your mental health, rather than trying to pay for it all on your own.




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