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By Sylvia Shipman, Features Editor —

Halloween is the best holiday of the year, and if you want to disagree with me, then you can find my email on this newspaper and schedule a time to street fight with me about it. Halloween is amazing. You get to eat candy, dress up and get drunk. I can’t think of anything better. Forget family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. My parents are divorced; give me a holiday based around drinking.

To get everyone in the spirit, I am graciously providing you with a list of the best scary movies based on plot and overall scariness.

  1. Insidious- Insidious is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen, hands down. While the Man with Fire on his Face is the recurring demon, there are half a dozen others that make several appearances throughout the film. The plot is centered on a family whose son slips into a coma, only to become the centerpiece in a demonic fight for who gets to control his soul. The movie has a great soundtrack; the high-pitched violin is the perfect audio interpretation of what it feels like to be absolutely terrified. I honestly can’t even pick a scariest moment of this movie.

  2. The Conjuring- Directed by the same guy who did Insidious, the Conjuring has a very similar feel; a large family moves into a house that has been cursed by a witch. It’s set in the 1970s, which makes it all seem so much creepier, even when nothing scary is happening on screen. The scariest moment is definitely when that evil bitch Bathsheba, or something like that, is perched on the dresser like a demonic bird.

  3. Silence of the Lambs- Not exactly a horror movie, but terrifying nonetheless. A young detective is assigned to track down a serial killer and finds herself enlisting in the help of another one who has been behind bars for years.

  4. The Haunting in Connecticut- a family moves so that their teenager who has been diagnosed with cancer can be closer to the hospital. However, their new home was previously the location for séances. Haunting ensues.

  5. Scream- Scream is a classic that keeps you guessing until the very end. A town is terrorized by two masked killers who seem to be killing people based on horror movie stereotypes. The first scene where Drew Berrymore is home alone and won’t stop getting calls from her future killer is timelessly terrifying.

  6. The Babadook- A single mother discovers her child was telling the truth about a monster that entered their house through the pages of a children’s book. The monster only gets more infuriated after she tries to destroy the book. It’s on Netflix and is a really great movie.

  7. The Ring- The creepy long-haired girl, Samara, has become a scary movie icon as well as a totem for any movies making fun of horror. If you live under a rock, the premise of the movie is around a silent VHS tape that plays a series of disturbing images and then abruptly ends. Immediately after, you get a call telling you you have seven days left. The protagonist watches the movie and has to beat the clock and solve the mystery before her time is up, if not for her, for her five-year-old son who accidentally watches the tape too.

  8. The Descent- A group of girls go spelunking and end up getting trapped in the unexplored recesses of cave with mutants that have evolved for cave living, i.e. pale, wet skin and no eyes. The Gollum-like creatures aren’t the only life-threatening obstacle the girls have to conquer; they are also starving and becoming increasingly agitated with each other. “The descent” takes on a double meaning as the girls fight off delusion and try not to turn on each other in the wet, cold darkness.

  9. Sinister- A washed-up writer decides to investigate the mystery of video tapes he finds in his new house’s attic. The video tapes all depict families dying. This movie actually irritated me because I realized the ending before it happened, so I was waiting for the character to catch up with me for the last 30 minutes. However, the movie is genuinely scary, which is why it’s on this list.

  10. It Follows- A girl is infected with an STD, sexually-transmitted demon that is. She is cursed to have the demon follow her wherever she goes. It can look like anyone, and it never goes faster than a walk, because it always catches up eventually. This is another horror movie with a fantastic soundtrack whose 80s themes make it already seem like a classic. It’s an interesting concept and has a lot of jump scares. After watching this, I couldn’t shake the feeling that anyone slowly walking towards me was going to attack me.

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Haley Doss

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