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By Anna Martino, Copy Editor —

The most desired times of the year for college students include the nearly month of winter break, summer break (if not taking dreaded summer courses), fall break and the notorious spring break. Over the years, spring break has turned into an opportunity to fulfill the most famous social media fads, however, the intention of spring break is to give students a mental break from their course load and to indulge themselves in whatever their heart desires. If you can relate to not making plans ahead of time for this anticipated break but still desire to do something adventurous, here are 10 last minute suggestions for ways to enjoy your break.

Be a tourist in Chattanooga- Although it may not be ideal to stay in town while most of your friends are gone on vacations, there are so many fun things to do in Chattanooga that our college schedules normally do not permit. There are many, many tourist destinations in our lovely city including: the Hunter Museum, the Tennessee Aquarium, Ruby Falls, Rock City, the Incline Railway, hiking, the Southern Belle, tours on riverboats, ghost tours, tours of Chattanooga and many more.

Visit a friend at another collegeJust because UTC is on spring break doesn’t mean every campus is. Take this opportunity to go visit your high school friend and experience college life without any scholastic obligations.

Rent an Airbnb- Get together a few other friends who haven’t made plans, and find a desired city anywhere in driving distance and rent an Airbnb, which can be found at very reasonable prices. I would personally recommend adventuring in New Orleans for this one, especially if 21 or older.

Staycation- Don’t make any plans and just stay home and relax. Order delivery food, binge-watch Netflix shows, start a new hobby like reading or painting or have at-home spa days. Do whatever your heart desires without leaving the comfort of your house and have zero cares in the world.

Go camping- Again, get together a few friends and pick any destination that you can imagine, and plan a low-cost camping trip. All equipment can be rented from the ARC, and you can make a grocery run on the way to stock up on easy, no-cooking meals and you are set.

Gatlinburg- Take a less than three hour trip to the Smoky Mountains and enjoy the tourist scene, views and the skiing or snowboarding.

Volunteer or work- This may not sound desirable to all, but for those of us who can’t possibly squeeze it into their busy schedule but love volunteering and helping others, take this week off as a time to help those who are less fortunate. On the other hand, you could also use this week off as a chance to reestablish your bank account by working additional hours.

Multiple day trips- One of the best things about Chattanooga is how close it is to so many awesome cities. Take this week as an opportunity to make day trips to neighboring cities. This will prevent the cost of overnight lodging, and you can enjoy the comfort of your own bed. Top recommendations include Asheville, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee or Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit family- A solid alternative for spring break is to reach out to family members, preferably in another state, and make a drive to visit them and see what their city has to offer, in addition to spending quality times with loved ones on the break.

Road trip- My personal favorite suggestion would be to gather up three other friends (for gas splitting purposes) and supplies including food for the week, and take off out West. Make a list of all the beautiful landmarks and national parks you want to see in a week, and sleep in the car, camp in a tent or stay in hostels. From personal experience, it is possible to visit 12 states including four national parks in seven days, spending less than $300.

If money is a concern for vacationing, even with this 10 last minute (and decently budget-friendly) spring break plans, sell some unused items to fellow college students or donate some plasma for money. Best of luck to all spring-breakers!

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