10 Things: 10 ways to spend a snow day

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By Eric Wise, Assistant News Editor —

Snow day (noun): a day on which public schools or other institutions are closed due to heavy snowfall or other extreme winter weather; a day at UTC where there is very little snow, but all of the student body has bullied the UT Chattanooga Twitter (@UTChattanooga) account into closing school for a day (or two).

We just had two snow days here. but winter isn’t over yet. There is still plenty of time for more snow days. Here are 10 ways I suggest you spend your free day.

1. Homework — This is the un-fun suggestion, but it’s necessary. Use the day to catch up on that work you’ve already been procrastinating. It’s cold outside; stay in, crack open a textbook, get out that notepad and get to work.

2. Binge watch — If you’re like me, then you probably started a new TV show right as school was starting but now you can’t find the time to watch it. There’s no day better than a snow day to lay in bed and watch hours of your favorite TV show. And yes Netflix, I am still watching.

3. Sleep — It’s a snow day, why would you need to even get out of bed? School can be stressful (even in the first couple weeks). Get some beauty rest, and sleep the day away.

4. Laundry — Let’s face it, we are all college students and laundry isn’t something that we particularly enjoy. Having a free day can help you get a few loads done.

5. Get together with friends — It’s the beginning of the semester, and maybe you have missed some of your Chatt friends over break. Take this time to meet up, hang out and go out with your friends.

6. Sledding — We didn’t really get enough snow this time around to do this, but there’s always potential. When we do get that really good snowfall, throw it back to your childhood and go out sledding.

7. Snowball fight — A good snowfall always calls for a snowball fight among friends. This is especially fun if you live on campus and have a large snowball fight between dorms. Just don’t throw snowballs at cars, that’s not cool.

8. Movie marathon — Break out those DVDs that have been collecting dust in your room and have a movie marathon with your roommates or friends.

9. Go to the movies — In my opinion, the best day to go to the movies is the early in the day on weekday. Most of us are in class then, but a snow day makes it so you can go. Plus, some theaters offer discounts if you go before certain times during the week.

10. Plan you spring break — If you’re someone who hates the cold and snow, then you need an escape. There’s no better escape then planning a spring break trip, and dreaming of the hot sun, white sand beaches and ocean waves.



Eric Wise

Eric Wise

Assistant News Editor

Eric Wise is the assistant news editor for the Echo. He is a junior studying communications and minoring in business. Eric likes to go for a long drive with no real destination while listening to his favorite podcasts.

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