By Chelsea Bailey, Assistant Features Editor —

About a week ago, I finished watching The Office. I’ve seen the series like a million times, and at this point, I feel that I really know and understand the characters. They’re complex people who get themselves into even more complex relationships. Naturally, I’ve given myself the authority to definitively rank 10 of the most important relationships of the series. If I leave some out, it’s because they weren’t significant enough or I just don’t acknowledge their existence, i.e. Jim and Karen.

Andy and Angela

Angela didn’t love Andy, she just used him to get back at Dwight for killing her cat. As unlikable as Andy can be, it was so sad to watch the poor guy jump through hoops to plan an entire wedding to please a woman who didn’t even want to be with him. He put so much time and energy into that relationship and just ended up with a broken heart and a lot of lonely honeymoons.

Michael and Jan

Doomed from the start, these two were just as toxic as they were entertaining. Jan was grossly manipulative and Michael, as he always did, romanticized what they had so much that he couldn’t see how awful she was. From their Jamaica vacay to Michael trying to father Jan’s sperm donor baby, they were an utter disaster. “Dinner Party” is still one of the most memorable episodes of the show, and “That One Night” is a bop.

Angela and The (State) Senator

Another sham of a relationship for Angela. Both halves of this couple took other lovers throughout the course of their time together. Angela gave birth to a child that we later find was a Schrute, and The Senator was crunching numbers with another accountant by the name of Oscar Martinez. The only good thing to come of this relationship was Angela and Oscar’s friendship after they were both dumped.

Pam and Roy

I know this couple had to be, but I just don’t care about them. The whole point was for them to be boring and not in love, and they did that really well. I’m glad neither of them had to be stuck in a loveless marriage.

Ryan and Kelly

This dysfunctional duo holds a special place in my heart. Their on and off relationship is super unhealthy, and Ryan is obviously the worst, but I love them both as separate characters, and as a couple. I think their whole dynamic is hilarious, and couldn’t be better played by any two people. Mindy and B.J. are my favorite off-screen whatever-they-are.

Andy and Erin

Seemingly, a match made in heaven, Andy and Erin made sense on paper. They’re both high-energy dorks who just love to be high-energy dorks. When they were together, things seemed right, but they were always dating other people. When they were finally making things work, Andy just left for three months and forced Erin into the younger, stronger arms of Plop. RIP what could have been.

Michael and Holly

Holly was everything Michael ever wanted. As soon as he realized he wasn’t another soul-sucking HR nerd, he knew she was the one. They hit it off, and it seemed like things were going to work out, but she kept being taken away from him. He stayed hopeful and persevered. She was, in fact, the one. They ended up moving to Colorado and having children, just as he always wanted.

Dwight and Angela

Two very extreme personalities, Dwight and Angela can be easy to hate, but there are moments throughout the series that really show their humanity. They loved each other for years, but there was always something or someone in the way. Finally, at the very end of the ninth season, they got it right. The end of episode 22 may be the most emotional scene of the series.

Jim and Pam

From the first episode, you’re screaming at these two to just get it together and get together. The little moments they shared leading up to the beginning of their relationship just kill me. They’re both so witty and cute, it’s almost sickening. Of course, they go on to get married and have kids and live a perfect life. They only fought like one time. This couple is iconic, but no one is that perfect in real life.

Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

There was a common theme with most of the other couples: an on and off nature, never getting the timing right. Phyllis and Bob got the timing just right, it just happened to be later in life. Bob would do anything for Phyllis, including bidding $1,000 at an auction just to hug his own wife. These lovebirds were so in love, so pure and so uncomfortably hot for each other. That’s the kind of love I want. They take the cake, for sure.

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