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By Grace Stafford, Features Editor —

Just take a peek into a someone’s dorm or apartment, and you can really tell a lot about a person. Their personalities, hobbies, favorite foods and the list goes on, however, there seems to be a few consistencies in things found in the homes of UTC students.

Free UTC T-shirts

If you have any UTC gear, it will absolutely be the different free t-shirts you can get from events. Whether the shirts are from the Homecoming Bonfire, International Festival, Mocs Flock Finley or your Freshman Orientation, those shirts are always there for you when you just need a comfy shirt.


With warmer weather approaching, there is nothing quite like relaxing in an Eno on campus and doing some homework, or, let’s be real, just taking a nap. They are great to take on hikes and camping trips, so it’s no surprise that in an outdoorsy city like Chattanooga a lot of people own Enos.

Old Blanket/towel

In the same idea of enjoying the outdoors, there are so many green spaces on campus and in Chattanooga to enjoy just lying out on blankets or towels. So whether it’s a towel used on beach trips gone by or an old blanket you don’t mind getting dirty, everyone seems to have one of these on hand to enjoy a nice day.

Boxed foods

Even if you have a meal plan or hate to cook, everyone, without fail, has a few boxes of easy food. Ramen, mac & cheese or some cans of soup will all do the job when you get hungry in the middle of the night, and everything else is closed.


Based on how many people you can see on campus wearing these sandals year round, it’s safe to say that Chacos are pretty dang popular. Rock them year round or only for the warmer months, no one will judge.

Every season of clothing

It’s hard to follow the classic advice to only keep the current season of clothing in a small closet when the weather in Chattanooga changes every other day. It’s really not unusual to find both shorts and coats in rotation throughout the early spring months.

Stickers covering everything

There feels like an unspoken rule that everyone in college must inexplicably cover their water bottles and laptops in a multitude of stickers. Do we do it to express ourselves? To identify our items among others? Who knows the reasoning, but surely everyone has some sticker-covered item in their apartment.

Pen from the Yellow Deli

The Yellow Deli is a staple for UTC students with its 24/5 hours for food and a cozy study space. It’s only natural, then, to accidentally have taken one of their pens, and if you already have it, you might as well put it to good use.

Dorm decor

The most common decor throughout dorms are posters from the annual poster sale on campus, tapestries and strings of Christmas lights. The holy trinity of decorations can be found, at least in parts, across all dorms without fail.

Reusable shopping bags

Reusable bags and canvas totes are so multi-purposed that it is a shock whenever someone doesn’t have them on hand. Whether for buying produce from Whole Foods or the Chattanooga Market or toting things back home for a break, there is always a need for cloth bags.

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