10 Things: Pointers for Incoming Freshmen

By Kyle Gentner, Opinion Editor—

Cartoon by Dionna Moore

Academic Clubs

If you can’t get enough of ancient Greek culture, take a look at the Classics Club. If you’re a female engineer major, consider the Society of Women Engineers. If you’re passionate about preserving the environment, check out the Ecological Decisions For a Global Environment. Each academic department has at least one organization to plug into.


As cheesy or romantic as it sounds, sitting next to a stranger isn’t as strange in Crossroads as it might be outside campus. With flashy renovations from this summer, and fresh additions to the menu, Crossroads is a great place to meet new friends, or just practice your small talk.


Not just the campus… For those of you from Tullahoma, you live in a city now with far more things to do. If you haven’t already, go check out Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge and walk down to Coolidge Park. They don’t call Chattanooga the “Scenic City” for nothing.

Game Room

Be careful down in the basement of the UC. Some of the greatest, underground ping pong players are regularly spotted down there. Don’t be scared though; there are plenty of tables to challenge a friend. Also freely available are pool, video games, foosball, board games, and other innocent fun.


Even if you don’t have a team already assembled, reach out to your RA, and there’s a good chance that your residence hall is already gathering players. The Intramural Sports Program also lets any student register as a “free agent,” which most often get placed on a team once the season gets started.


UTC has redefined the word “library.” Three years ago, that odd-looking building on stilts by Crossroads was the place to go for dusty books and slow internet. Now, our library is state-of-the-art with places to study in silence, search the web, and drink Starbucks. But, perhaps my favorite department is the Studio on the third floor. Ask the staff to give you a tour of the many gadgets there.

Lockmiller Volleyball

There’s a good chance you might catch a pick-up game around the sand dunes late at night or on the weekend. Stop by the pavillion to spectate, or gather a team and rotate next game.

Mocs Sports

Football. Soccer. Volleyball. It’s that time of the year. Showing support for the Mocs is less voluntary and more obligatory. Games at Finley and Maclellan are easy fun, and it’s worthy mentioning students get in free with their Mocs ID.

Residence Hall Socials

If you’re a freshman living on campus, and your RA knocks on your door with a pizza party invitation, go to it. This is a rare opportunity in college to eat free food. It’s also an easy way to make friends with your neighbors (who might be living below while you’re doing jumping-jacks in the living room for some reason).

UTC Outdoors

This program in Campus Recreation is loved by all nature freaks. There are plenty of activities available for all things outdoors, including canoe trips on the Tennessee River, mountain biking adventures, and week-long rock climbing endeavors.

Kyle Gentner

Kyle Gentner

Opinion Editor

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