10 things to love about living on campus

By Haley Doss

1. The required meal plan

It might not be your favorite thing when you receive the bill each semester, but having to purchase a meal plan up front takes the edge off of purchasing food on a daily basis. Whether you get food in the UC or snacks from the corner store, there are great options available on campus.

2. No driving to campus

The possibility of having to leave an hour early everyday sounds like the definition of misery. A huge perk of living on campus is not having to feed parking meters, search for a spot forever or show up late to a test because you could not find one.

3. Full college experience

Being on campus allows students to immerse themselves in the college life. When you live in an on-campus apartment, it brings you closer to the action. You have a chance of being able to hangout at Starbucks, study at the library or run into a friend at Crossroads.

4. Meeting new people

Many times, student housing matches you with random roommates. While there are a fair share of horror stories of random roommates, there are also stories of students meeting their best friends this way. You also have the opportunity to connect with people that you may not have normally had the chance to meet.

5. Easier to get involved

When you live on campus, it is where you spend most of your time, if not all of it. Since you are always present, it is easier to participate in on-campus activities like intramurals, Greek life, student organizations or simply attending university events.

6. Easy to use scholarships for housing

Many students have the help of scholarships and financial aid to put toward their living expenses. When you are on campus, it is just added to the cost of tuition and you do not have to pay monthly rent.

7. Wake up later, class is right up the hill

Class starts at 1o? It is acceptable to wake up at 9:50 and still make it on time.

8. Those who live on campus have better grades

It has been statistically proven that students who live on campus receive better grades. This is because students are more likely to attend class, be involved on campus and have a positive college experience overall.

10. You do not feel like too much of an adult

Though some complain about the presence of RAs and regulations, it means that you still have someone watching out for you. The idea of having your own apartment and being on your own can sometimes feel unsettling for some. We will have a time to adult but today is not that day.






Haley Doss

Haley Doss

Opinion Editor

I am a senior studying communications with a minor in political science. I love college, talking about politics and long walks around Target.

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