10 Things: Top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2018

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By Kyle Yager, Sports Editor —

New Year’s resolutions are a prominent closing to the holiday season and to the calendar year. The new year brings new beginnings, new agendas, and new hope as people strive to better themselves and achieve new goals. As we creep into 2018, here is a compilation of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions.

1.) Spend more time with family and friends

As time ticks by it becomes more apparent what’s really important and what really matters to us. With the arrival of 2018, many of us are intending to spend more of the time that is given to us with our friends and family. 2018 evokes a thought: As we experience more time, we value it more, and are more selective of how we use it.

2.) Lose Weight

A highly popular resolution, losing weight is always a great goal to have. A new year brings a blank slate and that can be used as motivation to power through new diets and exercise routines. This resolution can be a huge driving force to a better self image and better overall health.

3.) Workout

Notably different than losing weight, many people see the new year as an opportunity to achieve new feats and reach new heights. Exercising is a great way to improve health and mood, all the while making yourself look better. Consistently working out is a great resolution to have and only yields positive results.

4.) Stop smoking

The new year is a great spring board for breaking a bad habit. Thousands of people are addicted to cigarettes and want to quit, but they struggle from the cravings or lack of powerful motivation. The new year is great incentive for initiating the quitting process.

5.) Save money

Saving money is a crucial part of maintaining a balanced life style. Even considering those who are good at managing their money, everyone can always stand to save more. Budgeting is a popular resolution for 2018.

6.) Stop drinking

Paralleled with cigarette addiction, alcoholism is a problem for many people. Even for those who aren’t alcoholics and just want to make better decisions or diet, reducing or quitting your drinking is a great goal to have entering 2018.

7.) Get out of debt

Especially pertaining to loans for students, financial debt can be a daunting, intangible thing to deal with. As 2018 kicks off, setting up a payment plan or implementing a stricter budget can vastly help when dealing with debt. It will not only aid your financial outlook, but improve your peace of mind.

8.) Learn something new

New year, new beginnings, and perhaps a new skill. As 2018 rolls in, taking lessons or self-learning a new craft is a nice way to feel accomplished while making yourself more versatile. With all the world has to offer, one can always stand to learn something new.

9.) Help others

What better way to feel good about yourself and contribute positively to society than to help others? Wether it’s volunteering or simply seizing random opportunities as they present themselves, the world would benefit holistically if we all followed through with this as a resolution.

10.) Get organized

Organizing, planning, strategizing, and scheduling are key in optimizing your success and your life in general. Many people order calendars, make daily agendas, or mentally attempt to better their organization and planning with the new year. Calendars are fresh out of factories for the new year, making it prime time to implement a beneficial change in your daily routine.
Kyle Yager

Kyle Yager

Sports Editor

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