10 Ways to Survive the Summer Sun (insert sunglasses emoji)

By Sylvia Shipman, Assistant Features Editor–

Walking outside and hearing the buzzing of bees and wasps and feeling the sun’s steadily

growing heat means there’s no denying that summer is coming, and she’s back with a

vengeance. Tennessee is one of the worst places for summer weather since it’s humid, hot

and without a beach. However, the Echo is here to help with ten tips on how to stay cool

and un-burnt while being in the heat this summer.

1. Drink water—Staying hydrated is key to keeping your body from overheating.

While you are out in the sun, drinking water will lower your body temperature as

well as help you sweat to cool you off.

2. Bring a fan—Those little fans you used to carry to youth soccer games are always

in style. There’s no shame in bringing a beach breeze with you.

3. Wear Sunscreen—I’m dead serious; the sun can damage your skin long term.

Don’t you want to look like someone in their early twenties for as long as

possible? Put sunscreen on to prevent a painful sunburn and early signs of aging,

especially on your face.

4. Lie Low—heat rises, so apparently, lying on the ground while tanning is a lot

more helpful than sitting in a chair.

5. Wear a Hat—I didn’t invest in owning a cap until this past summer, and the shade

it provides is such a nice relief. It shades your whole face!

6. Fill a Spray Bottle with Water—You can easily clean out an old one or buy a

spray bottle from the store for $2. Fill it with water and give yourself a misting

every few minutes while you tan. It will be almost like you’re at the beach.

7. Change Your Wardrobe—avoid wearing black since it absorbs heat. Wear white

clothing that is lightweight/loose.

8. Buy Some Aloe—You’re probably not going to properly follow all my rules, so

I’m gonna assume you’re getting sunburnt. Aloe cools your sunburn as well as

aids your skin in healing, so go ahead and be proactive and buy some.

9. Reapply—if you are getting wet, reapply your sunscreen. There’s no way

whatever brand of sunscreen is going to last through water, even if it says it will.

10. Don’t Use a Tanning Bed— This one doesn’t really count since it doesn’t involve

the actual sun, but it’s important. I understand the urge to get a quick and even

tan, but tanning beds are not the way to go. They are incredibly dangerous. Using

tanning beds increases your risk of developing skin cancer by 75 percent. Even

the occasional tanning bed experience will triple your chances. Have you seen

those photos on Buzzfeed of the woman who got skin cancer on her face? It’s

awful, and it definitely will scare you out of the tanning bed. Also, fake tans are

so much more orange, and people can usually tell whether or not your tan is from

the actual sun. You’re not fooling anyone. If you want an easy tan, spend the extra

cash for a spray tan.

Ashley Day

Ashley Day


Ashley is a communication major with a minor in psychology. She spends most of her spare time hiking, eating sushi or taking photos. To contact Ashley, email her at jks461@mocs.utc.edu.

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