On Thursday, Sept. 19, The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Modern and Classical Languages Department helped sponsor the 2019 International Festival. 


This event is a celebration of Hispanic and Latin American culture to help students make new connections, celebrate culture, and engage with the entire UTC community. 


Many students in attendance of the event wanted to learn about more cultures and what they have to offer.


 “I was told about this event by my English professor,” freshman Carter Baughn said. “She told me coming to this would help me get a better understanding of different cultures.” 


Other students enjoyed the free cultural food offered at the event, including foods like from Mexican candy and cultural tacos you could receive in Mexico. 


“I was invited by my friends to come to this. I heard there was going to be free food here. Once I got here and realized it was different food from different cultures, I knew I needed to really be here,” freshman Coltyn Parks said.


One of the initiatives that the students had during the event was a note card given out at the event check in desk. Every table that the students would visit would give them a hole punch. 


Once the students filled their cards with hole punches, the student was able to get a free t-shirt that was created for the 2019 international festival. This was one of the ways to get the students involved during the event.


Many of the tables had different organizations and clubs to represent the different multicultural clubs we have here at UTC. 


One popular table was the Hispanic Outreach Leadership Association (HOLA). 


This particular organization was in a period of re-building due to former leadership and members graduating, HOLA officer Sayuri Madrigal said. The group meets every Tuesday evening and is actively looking for new members to join the group.


Many other organizations like HOLA were present at the International Festival in order to give students an opportunity to learn and celebrate different cultures. 

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