UTC Opens $33 Million Lupton Building

By Kaleigh Cortez, Staff Writer

After 25 months of planning and 17 months of construction, Lupton Hall was finally opened in August 2020. Located in the heart of campus, students can discover a wide range of new and useful features in the recently reconstructed 120,538 square foot building.

With a cost of $33.5 million, the former library is now transformed into a focal point for student gatherings and classroom learning. The first floor of the building serves as a central hub for students.

An open concourse allows for informal meetings and can be changed into a theater for movie nights or a stage for concerts. Included are also offices for student organizations to reserve, with large and small meeting rooms any group can use for gatherings. Students can expect that this focal point will be bustling with socially distant people all hours of the day.

The Multicultural Center, Women’s Center, and offices for international students are on the first floor as well for quick drop-ins or meetings. Nearby, the new IT Student Service location is for any student to drop by and get their tech fixed.

Director of Engineering and Planning Services, Kenny Tyler stated the functionality of the new building.

“It’s a neat building…it’s been given new life…the purpose was to allow everyone to use this and for them to feel comfortable coming in and interacting with various student organizations,” he said.

Freshens, a fresh food restaurant, quickly became a popular food spot at Lupton. With offerings such as salads, rice bowls and smoothies, it provided students with a healthy meal option.

Sophomore Stephen Steinbach shared his opinion on this new detail from the building.

“The lunch food here is really good…I can see myself coming in here at least twice a week,” he said.

Learning is also an essential factor in Lupton, and TEAL classrooms are changing the approach to learning. Technology-enhanced active learning, or TEAL, takes the focus off traditional lecturing and allows students to interact with the professor, their group, and the class through shared screens.

Group tables come with monitors that can project their work to other groups in the class,and this immersive learning method is now available for students and professors across all three floors.

The second story is the new home of the communication, modern and classical languages, philosophy, and religion departments.

There are computer labs available for reservation, along with photo and video/audio studios. The College of Arts and Sciences’ Student Success Center is open for student advisement.

The third floor is now the center of the English and mathematics departments, in addition to the offices for the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Across the way from the English and math offices are open cubicles for graduate students to work and interact with professors in a bustling workspace. 

“I’m really pleased with the finished product,” Tyler said. 

In the classrooms located on this floor, students and professors can now enjoy a view of UTC’s Chamberlain field and Cardiac Hill. 

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  1. This is an amazing article!! I can’t wait to visit this new building. I also can’t wait to read more articles by Kaleigh Cortez!!

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