Mocs Women’s Soccer Excited For Lone Opportunity

By Danny Webb, Staff Writer

With the state of college sports during the COVID-19 outbreak, uncertainty has been a common experience for all student-athletes. The UTC Women’s soccer team and coach Gavin McKinney have been no exception. 

“It’s probably been the longest period that the players have not trained with their teammates and coaching staff on a daily basis and done what they’re used to doing,” said coach McKinney in reference to the period from March through July where the team was not able to participate in in-person activities and practices.

A bit of adversity however, has not been enough to stop the Mocs. After all signs pointed to the season being either cancelled or postponed until the fall, the team received word that a small piece of their season was a go, and their first match would be taking place August, 13th at the UTC sports complex against Georgia State. 

“Everything just worked out and aligned,” said Coach McKinney. The Mocs will be prepared for the non conference bout as they were sent weekly workouts to complete in order to stay sharp during the time before in-person practices were permitted. “Their adrenaline is definitely going to be pumping, naturally, but they’ll also have to have calm minds, and at the end of the day, we’re looking to go out there and put on a good performance. I think they’ll do it,” added Coach Mckinney.

“First, we wanted to make sure the girls were comfortable playing under the circumstances, so we sat down and had a discussion about the possibility of playing, and of course every player’s hand shot up in favor of playing any chance they are given,” said Coach McKinney.

The Mocs had to make up for lost time when they returned back to campus to begin practicing together, and coach McKinney feels confident that they’ll be up to the challenge of competing at a high level even after the time off. 

“Their work rate has been unbelievable and their attitudes have been outstanding. We’re working to find the positives even when there are so many negative things to focus on. We’re very fortunate to be healthy and able to play a sport we love,” Said Coach McKinney. 

Coach McKinney conceded that tough times can make things really really difficult and even drive a wedge between players and staff, but pointed out that his team has only grown stronger and come together as a group during this period of uncertainty. 

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