UTC Celebrates Founder’s Week, 134th Birthday

By Regina Baker, Staff Writer

UTC was full of events to celebrate Founder’s Week despite Covid-19 still at large, the school took measures to ensure a safe, but active and noteworthy celebration.

This year, the school celebrated without hosting large events that would usually take place. Founder’s week events are large campus-wide celebrations with hundreds of people; the campus event committee knew this was not feasible due to Covid-19 safety restrictions.

The event committee and director were creative and intentional about the virtual programming were offered to participate in the celebrations. Students had the option to enjoy and recognize the people that make UTC special.

The school celebrates its staff and faculty every year with the Service Awards program, honoring UTC employees that reach the milestone increments of five to 50 years at the institution. The Faculty Awards Celebration has also been moved to Founders week this year, recognizing UTC faculty for their service and accomplishments through honoring research, instruction and recognition of retirees.

Events were scheduled virtually along with zoom meetings to participate in the activities offered. The school encouraged students to connect through social media, using these platforms to support and post pictures celebrating Founder’s week and UTCs birthday.

UTC Director of University Events, Laura Cagle talked about how the school uses founder’s week to educate students about the university’s history.

“We always try to use founder’s week as an educational piece to remind people about the history of our institution. We incorporate that into the multiple video pieces we did this year, as well as the social media outreach efforts. We think UTC looks pretty darn good for being 134 years old.”  

The school and event committee came up with new ways of celebrating this year, by branching out to social platforms which made participation safe and successful. Founder’s week showed students the history of the school, along with recognizing the faculty and staff that keep the institution running smoothly.

UTC junior, John Mattingly was satisfied with his experience with virtual participation this year.

“I feel the school took the opportunity to connect with the students on a platform that we could enjoy together, along with making sure our safety was the main priority during the celebrations,” he said.

Chancellor Steve Angle hosted the annual university address on Friday September 18, at noon. The Chancellor recognized the sacrifices and adaptations the students and faculty have made during the Covid- 19 pandemic.

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