Guinness World Record for Tree-Hugging Set in Chattanooga

by Dewayne Bingham, Assistant Photo Editor

It’s no secret—the Scenic City is a hotspot for tree huggers. Many Chattanoogans pride themselves on environmental consciousness and the surrounding landscapes, namely the Tennessee River, Lookout Mountain and countless outdoor parks, offer recreation for locals and tourists alike.

But on Saturday, Sept. 19, Cleveland resident Adrienne Long took tree hugging to a whole new level by breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest time consecutively hugging a tree, which previously stood at eight hours. Long set the new Guinness World Record at Heritage Park in Brainerd, after standing for over ten hours and five minutes with her arms wrapped around a walnut tree.


Breaking the record was a challenge Long made to herself as a New Year’s resolution and in honor of her late mother. In undertaking a task that posed both mental and physical challenges, she hoped to honor the strength and perseverance her mother exhibited after a spinal cord injury left her with paraplegia, she shared.

Long’s friend Sarah Medley, owner of Studio 59 Aveda Salon and Spa, helped coordinate activities like dance, yoga and guided meditation—all led by community members—for the event at Heritage Park. Medley and Long also held a fundraiser for the Chattanooga Audubon Society, Chattanooga’s oldest environmental conservancy organization.

Not only was Adrienne Long’s attempt at breaking and setting a new World Record successful, but in doing so she brought the Chattanooga community together for an important cause. The funds her event raised for the Audubon Society and the messages of stewardship and perseverance she shared will surely make a lasting impact on our community and its natural ecosystems.

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  1. I have never heard of this until now. But it’s a beautiful ideal a walnut tree sounds great they are a pretty tree . I see she did so to draw attention to the forest and bird’s and a promise to her mother

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