Spooks for the History Books at ChattaBOOga’s Bloody Bones Escape Game

Photo by Olivia Ross

By Morgan Snyder, Staff Writer—

As October nears, many Chattanooga businesses are organizing events themed around the Halloween season. ChattaBOOga Ghost Walk hosts a number of these limited-time events, including their ChattaBOOga Ghost Walk, Haunted Pub Crawl, and Bloody Bones Escape Game. 

The Bloody Bones Escape Game is an unconventional take on the escape game formula that allows participants to walk the streets of downtown Chattanooga on a self-guided tour. 

The game is centered around the spirits of Chattanooga, with the ghost of Bloody Bones as their leader. Players begin their haunted journey at 498 Lookout Street and travel to six unique historical locations in Chattanooga. The entire game can be played and completed without need for a vehicle, which might be a convenient feature for some University of Tennessee at Chattanooga students.

At each of the six locations, participants watch a video to learn about its importance and role in Chattanooga history. Players must answer trivia questions and solve riddles. Completing the challenges at one location gives the address for the next, but also reveals one letter of Bloody Bones’ true name.

UTC student Mason Taylor joined the game in the hopes of going on an outdoors adventure.

“The Bloody Bones Escape Game was an experience that I’ve never had before,” Taylor said. “I learned a lot about the foundation of Chattanooga and a lot about the city’s history.” 

To escape Bloody Bones and receive a survivor award, players must receive a passing score of 70 percent. This is achievable through watching each video during gameplay and answering trivia questions. Players must also unscramble the letters of Bloody Bones’ true name, which will be discovered throughout the game. 

Prospective escapists must purchase digital tickets for entry, at $10 per person. The game starts at 7 p.m. EDT every night and dates are available everyday throughout October.

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