Virtual Residency Brings Boston Ensemble to UTC

By: Regina Baker, Staff Writer-

The Performing Arts Department of UTC brought a new way for students to have the interactive way of classes without risk of Covid-19.

With Hub New Music, students can have virtual interactive sessions, streamed through UTC’s website. The program will be sponsored by Professor of American Music, Ruth S. Holmberg.

The Hub is creating new ways for artists to share their work and showcase the work that performers have put in. Students can discuss music, rehearse and play through their works all through hub.

Hub New Music is run by a group of educators with passion who chose to approach teaching methods that will mold their students in the best way of modern music. Through the program at UTC, students will get to develop their craft as well as experience the expansion of knowledge. By offering virtual assistance and collaborations, the student will gain a better perspective of what can be offered.

The Hub has been rated by many as one of the best programs around for music. American magazine, The New Yorker said it has “appealing programs celebrate the rich diversity of today’s classical music landscape.” Along with the Cleveland Classical, stating performances were “gobsmacking and innovative.”

The Hub will bring a whole new aspect to the way of music study, performing art and opportunities at UTC. This residency has been in the process of making for a year. Hub brings a way to connect to audiences globally and work with musicians and student from all over the world.

With this program, Hub members hosted a concert streamed through the UTC website on Friday, Sept. 18. The Phantasmagoria concert is based on following paintings by Hans Hoffman. After choosing paintings, students used Hub to discuss the aspects of the work.

The visual art, color form, line and how this was in relation to music. Each student is writing their own original works based on the paintings and with help from their instructor, live classes and videos.

UTC Professor and Music Director, Jonathan McNair said what he would like to accomplish with his students.

“For the composition students, to help them develop confidence in their musical imaginations, and coach them with ways that they can develop and extend their own ideas–not my ideas…I want them to learn to think about their own music, and to learn from the music of others, to the point that they need me less and less and can work independently,” he said.

According to a press release from UTC’s Music department when speaking on Hub New Music,

“Working with student performers and composers at residencies across the country, HNM empowers younger generations on musicians through workshops on building arts organization, commissioning new work, and developing meaningful collaborations.”

This program will bring a new perspective for students to learn and show achievements through composition. There will be many more virtual concerts and exerts of the composers talking about their experiences as modern composers.

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