Decosimo Apartments Site of Latest COVID-19 Exposure

Photo by Dione Simmons

By Regina Baker, Staff Writer-

Students from UTC’s Decosimo Apartments are in isolation at Stagmaier Hall after being exposed to COVID-19.

Exposed students began their quarantine in the isolation dorms located in Stagmaier Hall on Sept. 25.

The exposed students’ dorms in the Decosimo Apartments complex were cleaned and sanitized in accordance with the CDC guidelines and regulations.

Additionally, other individuals who encountered the exposed students were contacted and placed in isolation.

The Student Outreach Team monitors and checks on isolated students every day through text messages and calls. This is done to see how students are feeling through the stages of sickness and to ensure they have their needs met during quarantine.

While the Student Outreach Team is doing their best to care for students in isolation, quarantined students say they have not had beneficial experiences in the isolation dorms.

Senior Nikita McCreary discussed what she feels is a lack of attention being payed to the needs of isolated students.

“I feel like UTC has not done enough for students in quarantine/isolation.” McCreary said. “The Student Outreach Team checks on us every day, but most are text messages that are automated. I wanted something personal, I wanted to know they actually care.”

McCreary further talked about her frustration at the situation isolated students face.

“I love this school but I feel like more can be done to help those people who are going through this,” McCreary said, “and as [Residence Hall Association] VP of Leadership and Advocacy I am going to make sure I can do something to help. I feel like everything was thrown together last minute.”

UTC took the necessary precautions, as prescribed by state and national health officials, to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff.

Chancellor Angle sent updates throughout the semester keeping the campus community informed about COVID-19 on campus.

When compared to other universities, UTC has a lower rate of virus cases due in part to the actions taken by university leadership to help reduce the spread of the virus and protect all members of the university community.

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