Planter NUTmobile Makes a Stop in Chattanooga

By Elizabeth O’Guin, Staff Photographer

The 26-foot-long Planters NUTmobile, one of only three in the country, was in Chattanooga for two weeks this September. The peanut-shaped vehicle drove to various locations in the city throughout its visit, and sat outside of the First Tennessee Pavilion at the Chattanooga Market one Sunday. 

This NUTmobile, named by the license plate “NUTS4U,” will stay in the eastern region of the United States, while the other two (“MRPNT1” and “PLNTRS”) are in the western and central regions.

Each of the NUTmobiles travel year-round, driven by three Peanutters with their own nut-themed nicknames. NUTS4U was driven by PistachOwen, Trailmix Talya, and Almond Ally. This is a full-time job for the peanutters, who act as goodwill ambassadors, pitching media and organizing promotions. 

The goal of the NUTmobiles and Peanutters program is to promote the Planters brand, but also to spread happiness and laughter throughout communities. As Trailmix Talya said, “who doesn’t laugh when they see a 26-foot-long peanut roll through their neighborhood?”

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