Cultural Dancing Brought to UTC

By Regina Baker, Staff Writer-

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, UTC hosted a Virtual Salsa Dancing Class on Monday, Oct. 12from 8:30-10:30 p.m. for students to participate and learn about dancing.

UTC’s Office of Student and Family Engagement held the event in hopes that student could participate in the live dance class.

Special guest Lee, “El Gringuito” Smith and Kat “La Gata” taught lessons in salsa, merengue and bachata. Both guest dancers have a history in dancing and traveled instructing lessons in bachata and salsa.

Many students interested in Hispanic and Latino dancing attended the class through zoom. Due to Covid-19, the university had to find other options for students to engage and still social distance.

Although regulations of social distancing changed the way the university holds events, the environment of the class brought enthusiasm amongst participants.

Students engaged and in learning as they would in a face-to-face class. Junior student, Erik Lopez said why he appreciated the nature of the event.

“I enjoyed the positive and energetic vibes that the event gave off. I personally like to dance to Hispanic/Latino dances, so it was a great fit for me.”

The dance instructors helped students learn without feeling the pressure of uncertainty in the dances. They ensured that even though it was not in-person, the interaction would be just as beneficial for them in learning.

According to Lopez, these cultural dances are a form of bonding with other students, even if they are virtual.

“I strongly believe that this could be a great platform to bring student together in dancing. Not only Hispanics/Latinos, but any sort of dance that brings joy and creates friendships. Being online was good, but I think to be in person is better. We can’t do that right now but when that time comes, I believe the experience will be full of joy,” he said.

The event brought numerous students together and helped wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month at UTC.

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