Pandemic or Not, Metrotham Con Creates a Space for Pop Culture Fans in Chattanooga

By Taralyn Wiley, Staff Writer—

With the pandemic crushing hopes of attending most music festivals, plays and conventions, Chattanooga’s Metrotham Con sets itself apart from other pop culture cons this year by giving fandoms the chance to safely connect. 

When asked why not cancel this year’s event and plan for next year, co-founder Dustin Daigle said, “We involve the community a lot, and wanted to do something for the Con people and the community with everything going on.” 

Metrotham and their staff have been across Chattanooga at various restaurants and movie theaters covering major fandom events, doing giveaways, promoting their event and live streaming on their podcast via their Facebook page.

Daigle is proud of his staff, as they are the best in Chattanooga, and put their all into creating the best time and new experiences every year for their attendees.

Things will look different this year, with the convention lasting only one day compared to its regular three-day run. Everything will be online and free to anyone who wishes to stream the live panels, which will feature a range of different voice actors from “Dragon Ball Z” and “Pokémon” on Saturday, Oct. 24, starting at 10 a.m.

Metrotham is offering a range of events throughout the day, such as kid’s panels, photography, and cosplay on a budget, so everyone has the chance to find something that piques their interest.

Suppose panels are not your thing. Instead, you can attend Metrotham Con’s Vendor Day that is open to the public and vendors in Miller Park Plaza on Sunday, October 25, from 10 a.m. until 6 P.M. 

As Daigle said, this event is entirely free to all who wish to attend and vendors selling all things nerdy.

Despite the changes this year, they are still planning for the future with the hopes of everything going back to normal for the next Metrotham Con, which is scheduled for April 30 to May 2, 2021. This next iteration of the con is planned to offer a horror-theme panel featuring actors from Halloween 5, Don Shanks and Danielle Harris, as well as Paul T. Taylor, who is known for his role as Pinhead in the film “Hellraiser.” 

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