Red Flag Campaign Spreads Domestic Violence Awareness

By Samuel Still, Assistant News Editor-

The Center for Student Wellbeing placed red flags across Chamberlain Field to inform members of the UTC community about the warning signs of dating and domestic violence.

As one of the many events happening during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the purpose of the Red Flag Campaign is to provide students with useful information about dating and domestic violence.

In addition to the red flags, the Center for Student Wellbeing also placed signs with information about resources for those in abusive relationships to seek help.

UTC’s campaign is a part of the larger Red Flag Campaign started by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance in 2005, to alert people of the “red flags” that indicate someone might be in an abusive relationship.

Megan McKnight, the Assistant Director for education and prevention at the Center for Student Wellbeing, discussed the importance of the Red Flag Campaign.

“The campaign encourages intervention by peers both with perpetrators as well as with survivors.” McKnight said. “Learning to identify various types of abusive behaviors and learning ways to intervene are important. Students often report not knowing what to say to a friend who is in an abusive relationship or how they can challenge peers who exhibit those abusive behaviors.”

Additionally, McKnight said that the indicators of an abusive relationship are not always physical violence; they can also be mental and emotional violence.

McKnight said being aware of the indicators of an abusive relationship provides students and others with the necessary knowledge to help intervene and prevent dating and domestic violence.

For UTC junior Laura Phillips, the Red Flag Campaign is a useful tool to spread awareness and inform students.

Phillips said, “Domestic violence is a bigger issue than a lot of people think, so I’m glad UTC is bringing attention to it.”

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is still ongoing, and the Center for Student Wellbeing has more events planned for the remainder of October.

McKnight encourages students to participate in events and learn more about dating and domestic violence so that they can help themselves and others. A full list of upcoming Domestic Violence Awareness Month events can be found here.

For students seeking help for themselves or others, campus resources that are available to help those experiencing dating and domestic violence can be found on the Center for Student Wellbeing’s website here.

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