Students Travel Back in Time During ‘Throwback Thursday’

Photo by Elizabeth O'Guin.

By Lorena Grajales, News Editor-

Homecoming week wrapped up its celebrations with a number of events including Throwback Thursday, a nostalgic blast to the past.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs emphasized the importance of this being a “grab and go” experience, to keep a steady flow of students during the ongoing pandemic. Although not a social hub, students were still offered engaging activities to participate in.

Nehemiah Antoine, a freshman from Ringgold, Georgia said attending the event not only gave him the opportunity to learn new aspects of the school but to also feel connected to campus.

“It reminds me of the massive and positive inclusion that we have here at UTC. It gravitated me towards here,” he said. “There’s just a lot to see and take in…looking back on cultures is probably something we all need in our lives and it’s important to  acknowledge them and learn about them so that we can improve our society and move forward.”

An old school slideshow with vintage photos submitted by UTC alumni was showcased on Lupton Hall’s first floor for students to be transported to previous years. Students also took advantage of meal vouchers provided by Mocs Dining and chose their favorite UTC throwback t-shirt to take home.

Chris Bogans, a junior at UTC invited students to step out of their comfort zones to fully grasp the college experience. 

“Make sure that you enjoy the moment while you’re at UTC…go to events because you never know, like, what experience you’ll get out of it,” he said.

The throwback fashion contest stole the show, as students and staff showed up with their best old school outfits to win an all-in-one turntable Bluetooth stereo audio system. This grand prize was designed to play cd’s, records and cassettes, ideal for a relic enthusiast and first-place winner.

According to Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, Christopher Stokes, the office had a pleasant turnout with 100 participants who dropped in throughout the day to take a trip down memory lane.

“There seemed to be a since appreciation for trying to re-create a homecoming experience,” Stokes said. “I think it gives them a chance to get some school spirit, it connects generations here.”

Moving forward, the office of multicultural affairs plans on creating captivating events to support students through the transition into socially distanced and virtual learning.

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