NFL, NBA Encourage Fans Everywhere to Vote on this Election Day

NFL Official NFL Votes Logo (

By Jackson Sparks– Sports Editor

Across the sports world, there have been many initiatives and movement to encourage fans to vote and educate them on how to do so.

In August 2020, the NFL launched a bipartisan initiative to support and encourage and voting for its players, former players, league personnel and fans around the nation. Called NFL Votes, the league focused on voter education, registration, and activation. This calls for participation in local and national elections. The league was adamant that each NFL franchise give all players and personnel the entire Tuesday election day off in order to vote.

“Today marks the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was meant to ensure the right to vote for all Americans, prohibiting discrimination in voting based on race or color,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “Through meeting with players and legends to better understand causes and issues they are passionate about, we found a consensus around the importance of voting. That’s why we’re putting the power of our platform behind NFL Votes, aiming to inspire and encourage people to get educated about the voting process, to get registered to vote, and to ultimately exercise their right to vote.” (via

The league also partnered with I am a VoterRISE to Vote, and Rock the Vote to help aid their efforts.

On the field, the NFL has shown the words “Vote” and “NFL Votes.” As reported by Bleacher Report on Oct. 28, 90 percent of NFL players successfully registered to vote.

During the 2020 NBA playoff in Orlando, several players displayed “vote” on the back of their uniforms where their last name would usually reside. The NBA also turned in an impressive amount of its players that were registered.

You cannot go to any social media platform without ads about voting, and the professional sports world joined in the action. Early polls indicate that voter participation is surging and a nationwide bipartisan attempt to motivate voters has been successful.

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