“Roll to the Polls” Provides Free Bike Passes on Election Day

Photo by Francesca Prado

By Vanessa Willis, Staff Writer—

Bike Chattanooga has made transportation to the polls accessible for all by offering locals free all-day access passes on Nov. 3.  

Those in need of a ride to the polls must visit a station kiosk, the PBSC/CycleFinder app or the Transit app to get their free pass. According to Bike Chattanooga’s website, people will be able to enjoy station-to-station trips for 60 minutes each while their 24-hour pass is active, overage fees still apply once the 60 minutes is up.

Bike Chattanooga owns 400 bikes that can be rented from more than 40 stations located around the city. Riders can purchase unlimited 60-minute rides for a day, 3 days, or a full year. They are one of the many members of the North American Bikeshare Association that’s participating in “Roll to the Polls.” NABSA’s goal is to connect bike transportation companies in order to promote and plan events like Roll to the Polls. 

According to their website, Executive Director of NABSA Sam Herr believes that bike transportation is the solution to voter immobility. 

“Not only does shared micromobility provide riders with the freedom of fun, sustainable transportation, but it also plays a vital role in eliminating the transportation barrier that exists for millions of voters,” Herr said. 

This year alone, more than 68,000 people have utilized Bike Chattanooga, meaning the bike sharing company has played an important part in Chattanooga’s overall transportation infrastructure. 

Approximately half of U.S. college students do not own a car. With so many Bike Chattanooga stations located near the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s campus, it eliminates just one more excuse students might give for not voting.

UTC Sophomore Luke Qualey is an annual pass holder with Bike Chattanooga. He believes that the company offers a fun and healthy alternative to traditional transportation methods. 

“It’s a nice active way to get around town without waiting at any traffic lights or worrying about one-ways,” Qualey said. “There are stations at Coolidge Park, so going there is as easy as a trip across the walking bridge.”   

For more information on their services and Roll to the Polls, visit Bike Chattanooga’s website.

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