Students Unwind During ‘2020 SUCCS’

By Lorena Grajales, News Editor-

A year full of chaotic series of events nationwide and globally inspired 2020 SUCCS, an opportunity for students to take a break from academic stress and general tension.

UTC’s Student Government Association hosted the event where students painted their own terracotta pots, interacted with other students and took back with them a succulent of their choice.

Student Affairs Chairwoman and senior, Anna Brewer, said they were focused on offering participants a time to de-stress from everything hectic and worrying that is currently happening.

“I think we all agreed that 2020 had not been the best year for anyone,” Brewer said. “The purpose of the event was to get students engaged and give them something to do. We recognize that students need to find time to take a break and relax, so that was the environment we sought to create.”

Brewer also shared that since August, Student Affairs had to adapt events to CDC guidelines while maintaining events like these on the calendar for students to interact with each other in safe and healthy ways. In her opinion, SGA is centered on listening to student concerns to offer engaging activities throughout the semester.

UTC sophomore, Grace Gibbs said she enjoyed the activities since the pandemic made it difficult to socialize.

“Just because of Covid and stuff we haven’t really got to hang out so we just came today,” she said. “I liked coming back cause…it keeps people still together. I know a lot of colleges aren’t even doing anything right now. So, to have little events is a lot.”

For junior, Katelyn Cook, being on campus was a rare yet pleasant experience due to the transition to online classes.

“It was pretty fun. I mean I got here a little bit late…but it was still fun to be on campus. This is probably my second time being on campus all semester,” she said.

According to Sadie Whitehead, Vice Chair for the Student Affairs Committee, the succulent potting event was meant for students to be creative and relax, compared to their usual civic engagement events. She also explained SGA’s mission on representation and dependability.

“We really hope that students just had a moment to kind of de-stress. They can look at their plant and they can kind of think about a good moment that they had on campus that they got to take with them,” she said. “We really want students to feel like they can come to us with their stress and with their problems and that we’re going to do the best we can to represent them well.”

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