UTC Discusses Importance of Consent During Halloween

By Regina Baker, Staff Writer-

UTC’s Center for Student Wellbeing hosted “Halloween & Consent” in the University Center on Friday, Oct. 30 to provide students with safety information for Halloween. At this year’s event, workers gave out flyers and pamphlets that contained important information and resources for students who looked to celebrate Halloween responsibly.

Additionally, they provided opportunities for students to ask questions regarding proper consensual behaviors and alcohol usage to prevent sexual assault during the holiday festivities. Halloween & Consent began last year in the hopes of engaging students in conversations about consent and alcohol awareness leading up to the holiday.

The Center for Student Wellbeing’s Assistant Director for Education and Prevention, Megan McKnight discussed how she felt the event would impact students.

“It is our hope that this event will serve as a good reminder that while students celebrate Halloween, it is important to remain safe and remember that consent is always required for sexual activity and someone cannot consent if they are incapacitated due to alcohol or drug use.” McKnight said.

The Center for Student Wellbeing wants students to know that, regardless if it is a holiday or not, the way someone is dressed or their level of intoxication from alcohol or drug use does not in any capacity provide consent for sexual activity.

“Alcohol is often used to facilitate sexual assault in social situations.” McKnight said. “Alcohol is not an excuse for sexual assault.”

For UTC student Bryant Davis, Halloween & Consent is held to help students recognize and understand the importance of domestic violence awareness.

“The event has impacted the student body by making them aware of the issues.” Davis said. “Domestic violence can affect anyone and making them aware can help negate the effects of it.”

For students who have experienced, are experiencing and/or know about domestic violence situations, resources for seeking help on or off campus can be found here. Additionally, information and resources regarding alcohol and drug use can be found here.

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