ARC Resumes First Floor Operations After Completing New Installations

By Brianna Carr, Staff Writer-

The first floor of the Aquatic and Recreation Center (ARC) on UTC’s campus reopened on Oct. 30 after installing new equipment for members of the UTC community to use.

The Coordinator of Fitness for Campus Recreation, Scarlett Vineyard, who led the purchasing of new equipment and the remodeling of the first floor, described some of the latest features students can expect from the reopened ARC.

Vineyard said, “What we got for [the first floor] was two new swat rugs, new pre-weight benches, a decline bench, which I know has been talked about. For as long as I can remember students have been wanting that.”

Vineyard also said that the ARC added new treadmills that provide exercise programs to help guide people’s workouts as well as allow exercisers to connect their smart watches and other devices to track their fitness.

“We were able to get seven new treadmills with on-demand workouts on them,” Vineyard said, “so basically you click on it and it connects to your Apple watch or your smart watch.”

Vineyard also expressed excitement about seeing people who do not regularly attend the gym coming in and using the new equipment.

“We got a whole new multi-jungle, which is super exciting.” she said. “I’ve seen people on it almost non-stop last week.”

Vineyard mentioned that, during the process of updating equipment, the ARC’s goal was to modernize and develop over time so that it can continually improve for the betterment of students.

“[We are trying] to renovate and upgrade what we have in the facility, making sure it’s what the students are wanting.” she said.

Now that the ARC has resumed operations on the first floor, students can partake in the use of the new equipment and recreational resources Campus Recreation has provided.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ARC still has restrictions in place to protect the health and safety of all members of the UTC community. Exercisers are required, among other protocols, to wear masks, socially distance and sanitize equipment before and after use. A full list of health and safety procedures is available on the Campus Recreation COVID-19 response page here.

For information regarding the ARC’s operating hours and various in-person and virtual fitness options, visit the Campus Recreation website here.

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