Costumed Goats Help Students Exercise

By Kaleigh Cortez, Staff Writer-

A warm November afternoon welcomed costumed goats to campus for the Center for Student Wellbeing’s annual Halloween Goat Yoga.

After being postponed for inclement weather near Halloween, around 240 students were involved in the event on Wednesday, Nov. 4. Spots fill up within only a few hours after sign-up forms are sent out. The Center for Student Wellbeing partnered with the Mocs football team and kept an entire session in the late afternoon open for any football player to partake in the class.

Assistant Director for Education and Suicide Prevention for the Center for Student Wellbeing, Lauren Burns, discussed the admiration students have for more goat yoga and constantly requested more programs. 

“We did it in the beginning of the semester and it was a huge hit,” Burns said. “We really wanted another opportunity for students to engage in mindfulness.”

According to Burns, goat yoga events help students to destress and enjoy a distraction from the common burdens of upcoming finals, coronavirus, and the election. Phoebe Babb, a freshman from Gainesboro, appreciated the opportunity to participate in events like this.

“We did it when it first came out and it was a really fun stress-relieving thing to do,” Babb said. “Everything with Covid has been very stressful and it’s a distraction from homework.”

An instructor from Goat Yoga Nashville led the group through basic yoga stretches and poses she said were most likely to encourage a goat to leap onto a participant for a photo opportunity.

The event organizers took the necessary precautions to keep students safe during the pandemic. A limitation was set on how many people could participate in each session, all students were required to wear masks, hand sanitizer was provided and social distancing was also enforced. 

Burns stressed the importance of face-to-face events, through a semester full of online learning.

“We’ve done all we can to have this in person,” she said. “I think that’s especially what a lot of students are really wanting, in-person programming.”

The Center for Student Wellbeing was focused on promoting “Alcohol and Consent” leading up to the Halloween weekend. Tables in front of Chamberlain Pavilion also provided students with information on suicide prevention and domestic violence awareness.

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