Piggyback Boys of UTC Adjust During Covid

By Regina Baker, Staff Writer-

The Center for Career and Leadership Development hosted a workshop on Monday, Nov. 2 with the Piggyback Boys to help students get insight on running a business while being a college student. This was one of five workshops that the center hosts to help students get motivated in business and leadership.

Director for Leadership Development and Programs, Dr. Daniel Grzesik explained how he felt the workshop would be influential to student in lines of business.

“This is the fourth of five workshops we have done to help motivate people in business and leadership. It also helps students to enjoy and embrace more than just their schoolwork,” he said.

The Piggyback Boys started in January of this year by a group of friends who initially thought it would be comical to give each other piggyback rides across campus. After seeing the effect they caused on other students, they knew their idea could grow into a bigger concept.

Through social media platforms, the students spread the word that they would be giving piggyback rides to designated areas of campus. Due to Covid-19, the Piggyback Boys adjusted to regulations given by the university by adapting with a Piggyback Chariot.

Junior and member of the Piggyback Boys, William Johnston explained the mission the group has and how they reach out to more students on campus.

“Piggybacks is not selling an easier form of transportation. We are selling a laugh and experience to be involved in something that is great for the community. Social media ensures that students can see who we are and be comfortable, this is how we share and expand on campus,” Johnston said.

Johnston, along with other students involved in Piggybacks, worked hard to ensure the students and the community were involved. According to the group, the community and giving back is one of the main aspects of Piggybacks to get students involved.

Johnston continued by sharing what he appreciates the most from the experience so far.

“My favorite aspects of Piggybacks are the humor and community around what got started as an inside joke has turned into something that could benefit the community of Chattanooga.”

Branching out would further help other non-profit charities and expand the UTC student community. The team members of Piggybacks agree the future business of Piggyback is unlimited and that there is possibility for expansion if possible, with time and consideration of each school.

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