UTC Library Prepares to Support Students During Finals

By Samuel Still, Assistant News Editor-

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the UTC Library is making plans to support students during the upcoming finals season for the fall 2020 semester.

According to Dean of the Library, Theresa Liedtka, the library will continue their workshop series through November to provide students with educational training in the use of Microsoft Excel and Word as well as other applications, and the Library will provide programs to help students destress during the finals period.

An official list of destressing programs is not available currently, but according to Liedtka, the available programming will be similar to what the Library hosted for the previous spring semester which can be found here.

Liedtka also provided a few recommendations for practices that she believes will help students going into finals.

“Prepare ahead.” Liedtka said. “Leverage the campus resources like the library as well as your classmates to get out of your own head, keep on track and get external feedback or help. Take breaks, eat, sleep, move around.”

Above all else, Liedtka wants students to know that the library is here to help. Librarians can be consulted via phone call, text, email and/or in-person meetings, and the library has a help page which provides useful resources to assist students available on their website here.

Additionally, the library has computers and other technologies with up-to-date features available for student use to study, work on assignments and/or participate in classes on Zoom. Students can also reserve rooms through the Library’s website if they need a productive space to work on their own or in collaboration with other students.

Laura Phillips, a junior in the Communications department at UTC, appreciates all the resources the Library provides and finds the library to be a useful place for students such as herself to study and work.

“I think it’s definitely good that the library offers [these resources].” Phillips said. “Even if students aren’t using the resources themselves, the library is still a great place to go. It’s quiet and there’s always someone there that’s willing to help.”

Liedtka reaffirmed the library’s dedication to helping students while still practicing proper COVID-19 safety protocols as advised by UTC and the Hamilton County Health Department.

According to Liedtka, the library will continue, among other precautions, to require the use of mask-wearing, chairs and desks to be socially distanced and high-touch spaces and materials to be sanitized. A full list of the Library’s COVID-19 safety procedures is available here.

Expect further updates regarding the library’s preparations for finals season to be made via their website or university emails. To start learning about and/or using library resources, visit the library’s website here.

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