Students Prepare for Thanksgiving Break Through Worsening Pandemic

Photo by Stephanie Swart

By Regina Baker, Staff Writer-

With the 2020 Fall semester coming to an end and Thanksgiving break just around the corner, UTC is ensuring that students are safe through the increasing spread of Covid-19.

The university is helping students prepare for finals before Thanksgiving break and are standing with current Covid-19 protocols for students that are traveling over the holiday. The University Health Center announced the free Covid-19 tests for students before the break begins, available to students and faculty.

Tests were offered on Nov. 12, 13, 16 and the final day on Tuesday, Nov. 17 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to ensure students’ safety while traveling. Sophomore student, Madeline Redd gave her perspective on how UTC has handled the upcoming break,

“I think that UTC has taken the proper precautions for those who are going home over thanksgiving break. Ending the semester, after Thanksgiving is a good idea because during holidays people will be risking exposure. This way exposed student will not be returning to campus and putting others at risk.”

The Residence and Housing center instructed students to follow the Covid-19 protocols given by the University Health Center. The university has also advised that when traveling, students get tested for their safety and others along with taking as many precautions as possible.

Director of Housing and Residence, Valara Sample explained how the university is helping students upon traveling.

“We have taken precautions with the Health Center and Covid-19 Support Team to ensure students are taking the mandated procedures that follow the CDC guidelines when traveling,” she said.

Due to the pandemic, students who have traveled home during the break are advised to stay home until the following spring semester. This is to limit the exposure at the university for all those who have traveled.

Sample continued by stating how the process will look like in the upcoming weeks.

“Because it is the end of the semester, students who will be returning home over the break will complete the housing checkout process and return the following spring semester.”

Upon returning for spring semester, there will be precautions still in place at the university to make sure all students are safe for the following semester. Mandated requirements will be set in place for students due to Covid- 19 and all CDC guidelines must be adhered to and followed.

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