Late-Night Breakfast Engages Students Before Finals

By Regina Baker, Staff Writer-

With the semester coming to an end and Thanksgiving around the corner, the Department of Student and Family Engagement gave students the opportunity to participate in their annual Late-Night Breakfast event and game night for students on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Late Night Breakfast is historically one of the department’s biggest events, but due to the current circumstances of the year there had to be changes. These changes kept the purpose of the event intact by providing students with a fun activities and free food before the stress of finals.

Changes were made to limit exposure of students; with a care package or to-go Late Night Breakfast and a virtual game night where students were offered various options which included song association, Pictionary or scattergories.

Graduate Assistant for Fraternity and Sorority Life at the Center for Student and Family Engagement, Dylan Miller explained how the department came about making the decision.

“The best way we saw to provide students both virtually and on campus was to provide two options, a study care package with snacks and school supplies for students off campus and the late-night breakfast pickup at crossroads. As well as providing students an opportunity to join our virtual game night.”

With multiple options given, students had a good experience that helped them through the current semester. Senior student, Autumn Fields gave insight on what she enjoyed most about the Late-Night Breakfast.

“I believe these events at the end of the semester help tremendously! It is a way for students to take a break away from exams, just one event can give students a chance to relax. It is nice to get out of the dorm and safely interact with other students.”

Joshua Shoop, a junior student shared why social events are more important now than ever.

“Events as these are a good moral booster for college students. Community drives students to attend events like this. They want to be involved and spend time with their friends to relieve stress.”

The Mocs Dining Hall provided snacks and meals for the care packages which were mailed out to students living off-campus. According to Miller, the office had a successful turnout, with over 300 care packages delivered to students and attendance of over 100 students at the breakfast pick-up.

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