Mindfulness in a Messy Semester

By Jillian Waterhouse, Staff Writer—

In the midst of a chaotic and unconventional semester, one campus ministry is creating the opportunity to allow students the much needed time to reflect and relax. 

“Mindful in a Messy World,” an event series hosted by the UTC Hope House, aims to provide students with a safe space to slow down and find a moment of calmness in between their fast-paced schedules. 

While students may be spending more time physically apart from their peers than ever before, campus organizations such as the Hope House are ensuring that students do not have to experience this semester alone. Through this weekly meditation series held over Zoom, students are able to connect with their peers and share a moment of togetherness, no matter how far away they may be from one another. 

Hosted from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights, students are encouraged to attend during a time that they may normally, in different global circumstances, be found in a face-to-face church event. The late timing of the event also serves as a strategic way for students to unwind for the night. 

The Hope House has merged Christianity and mindfulness together in hopes that their student attendees may find relaxation and comfort through their religious practices.

Christian meditation is a popular activity throughout Western culture, having originated from the simple act of prayer. Popularized in the middle ages, Christian meditation has long been seen by Christians as a significant and meaningful way to connect with the word of God. While Eastern cultures typically use meditation as a tool to disconnect from their physical environments and worldly distractions, Christian meditation is performed with the goal of filling one’s mind with thoughts and appreciation of their God. Though meditation is a mindfulness practice that can be traced back to Eastern origins, Christian meditation differs in its intents and goals and clearly reflects the values of a busier, more chaotic Western culture. 

The Hope House anticipates students to leave their meditation sessions feeling more in touch with their religious beliefs and relaxed enough to reflect the word of God in their daily lives. 

Interested students may find more information on the Hope UTC website.

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