A Slammin’ New Chattanooga Hoagy Shop Sells Out On Its First Day

By Taralyn Wiley, Staff Writer—

A fly new hoagy shop opened this past week in downtown Chattanooga called Lil Mama’s Chicago Style Hoagy, and it’s located at 818 Georgia Ave. in the Tomorrow building.

What once started in a mother’s kitchen as a way to feed her son and his friends grew too big for even a commercial kitchen and wound up as a storefront for the entrepreneur, Tiffany Pauldon-Banks. The shop embraces the 90s with graffiti by local Chattanooga artists on every wall.

The Lil Mama’s was supposed to open in November of 2020, but the team needed the resources to provide Chattanogans with dope service. As Media Relations Manager, Kaelan Byrd said, the team needed to find their groove and learn their number one rule: “make with love.”

“We wanted to deliver for the people that were so excited, but we wanted to give our staff the best chance at being the best they can be, and if we opened in November there would be no way,” Byrd said.

The two-month delay didn’t stop the demand for Bank’s sandwiches, as they sold out the day after their grand opening. Lil Mama’s had to close for a day to resupply, but they are ready for more love from the Chattanooga community as they show their love back through food and collaboration with other local businesses.

“A part of our collaboration is working with other businesses and not being afraid of competition,” Byrd said. “We want to work with all the best in Chattanooga to better their business and better ours.” 

Lil Mama’s will be introducing a new dessert from different local bakeries every week.  This week, they have a Banana Pudding by Mesha’s Sweet Treats. You can get your hoagy Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.—or until they sell out again.

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