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By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor-

With the current pandemic, colleges had to take measures to ensure students are taken care of when they were exposed to the virus. Following the Sep. 2020 exposure in Decosimo, students had to quarantine and the circumstances were not satisfactory.

Due to the unexpected exposure of Covid-19, UTC was not fully prepared to quarantine students and they had complaints.

Bringing in the new semester of 2021, the Student Outreach Center and Covid-19 Response Team have increased communication so they are aware of what students need.

Director of Student Conduct and Student Outreach Support, Brett Fuchs had insight on how UTC prepared for Covid-19 and student exposures.

“This semester we have the same CDC guidelines and regulations but we are approaching quarantine with more knowledge,” Fuchs said. “Survey data for students helped improve areas that needed work. Our goal is to keep campus safe and healthy while still maintain a positive level of campus life.”

Students are given the opportunity when in quarantine to choose food from their meal plan so any dietary needs are met. Staff made the rooms for quarantine more comfortable so students are able to have a better transition to their new living situations.

Senior and Resident Assistant Jhe’Dienne Adams explained how the university improvements have helped residents and quarantine.

“Last semester was trial and error but this semester there was more preparation and communication,” Adams said. “I really appreciate support of residence directors, when things happen they are able to keep the focus and maintain communication and support from the school.”

UTC has taken measures of school-wide testing for all on-campus staff and students. There is a weekly rotation to ensure that exposure is limited and handled in a timely manner.

Adams continued,

“This semester should be better because of the testing and procedures that are in place for quarantine.”

The university’s outreach team is constantly working with students to make sure they have what they need and feel safe during the current pandemic.

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