Night at the ARC

By Allen Lin, Staff Writer-

UTC kicked off the first week back to school with the Night at the ARC. The Night at the ARC was hosted by Campus Recreation and Winter Welcome.

It had a range of virtual classes including Zumba, CXWORX, Yoga, meditation, and Body Combat that were taught by students, with the exception of the nutrition session. Additionally, there were club information sessions for table tennis, cycling, swim, baseball, rugby.

There were information sessions for personal training, nutrition, and aquatics. Sessions can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 50 minutes long.

Craig Gosnell Assistant Director of Programs and Engagement and Professor of the College of Health & Human Performance, originally planned the program as an in-person event.

Due to the University postponing the majority of classes to virtual until Feb. 1, Gosnell decided to make the program a virtual event.

Gosnell also stated that an in-person event later in the semester may be possible. The events being hosted online were a challenge for many student instructors teaching the classes.

Jaclynn Whiting, BodyCombat instructor, explained the struggles she found with classes being held online.

“One of the biggest parts of being a group fitness instructor is helping your participants to perform moves correctly. When my participants are on zoom, I’m unable to see where they are getting confused or making mistakes,” Whiting said. “This takes away from their experience because I’m not able to help them out, which can leave them feeling frustrated.”

Although the virtual format was different and challenging, this was the safest option as classes were held temporarily online.

The purpose of the event remained the same regardless of whether it was virtual or in-person.

Whiting continued,

 “I want my classes to be a fun space where participants get in a good workout, feel confident in their abilities, and learn a lot while doing so. Zoom definitely puts limitations on group fitness classes, but I’m thankful that we are still able to come together in some fashion to workout.”

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