Winter Welcome 2021: Virtual Edition

By Alexander Smith, Staff Writer-

Winter Welcome offers students, new and returning alike, a chance to engage with the many extracurricular opportunities on campus. This year was no exception, despite the virtual setting.

The events began Tuesday with the “Interview with an Archeologist.”

The interview with our very own archaeologist, Dr. Brooke Persons, provided students a glimpse into the field and department, as well as answered questions about the ancient world.

Then, the ARC put on a four hour “Choose your own Adventure” event, featuring eight primarily student-led activities and information sessions.

Assistant Director of Programs and Engagement for Campus Recreation, Craig Gosnell hopes to hold a similar in-person event “in the near future,” Covid-19 restrictions allowing.

Wednesday, another in-house archaeologist, Dr. Morgan Smith, gave students a final chance to ask their questions about the field.

“Get to Know UTC” taught students about the varied experiential learning opportunities on campus while “Cocoa and Calendars” gave lessons on time management over a cup of something cozy.

At Disney Trivia night, hosted by High School Musical celebrity KayCee Stroh, students answered questions about their favorite Disney characters and films, competing for the three top prizes and a chance for a “Zoom selfie” with Stohl.

They also had several opportunities to ask Stohl personal questions between rounds of trivia. When asked what part she auditioned for in High School Musical, Stohl replied “I actually auditioned to be a back-up dancer.”

Thursday hosted five events that spanned the entire day.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science hosted a “Stay on Board” day, showcasing the service societies and clubs on campus.

Squoia Holmes from Veteran Student Services gave a two-hour seminar where she showed students how to make their own digital vision boards that can follow them cross-platform.

Students were also offered “Language Hour” and “Study Abroad: 101” events. Language Hour taught students words and phrases in Vietnamese through our own international students, and the study abroad event showed students the upcoming programs.

Finally wrapping up with “Politics, Science, and Faith in the era of Covid-19,” a discussion about distrust in medical science, vaccines, and religious responses to the pandemic.

The final event of the week was Friday’s “Practically Picasso” event, where students got to paint their own mini-canvas and set some goals for the semester with the faculty. Despite being online many students participated in each event throughout the week.

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