Hamilton Co. COVID Memorial Remembers Loved Ones Who Have Passed

By Day’Jah Williams, Staff Writer-

The City of Chattanooga hosted a virtual memorial to honor all of its residents who have been affected by or passed away from Covid-19. 

On the memorial’s website, virtual statements can be found from Mayor Andy Berke along with sentiments from local Chattanooga residents. 

“We wanted to share this memorial and prayer with you as a tribute to those who are no longer with us,” Berke said. 

The headline of the website reads, “Not forgotten. Not just a number.”  

After Berke shared his personal experience with the loss of a loved one due to Covid, he stated “I grieve for him now, just as so many are grieving throughout our city for someone they care about.”  

The website also features Covid updates and a place where submissions can be sent about a loved one to help tell their story.  

The entry can include the loved one’s occupation, things they enjoyed, special memories, and more.  

In the video, multiple Chattanooga artists and religious leaders recite a passage in unity describing their grief but thankful remembrance of those who have died due to Covid-19. 

“Each remembered as more than a statistic, but as a unique, beautiful creation, a person with a story.” 

Throughout this memorial video, a white chair is pictured, then afterward a candle is lit and sat on top of the seat to show honor to all of those in the community who have passed due to Covid. 

A variety of people such as a nurse that has just left her shift, a mother and her son, and a grandmother are pictured placing a candle on the white seats.  

“We hold your presence as an eternal gift. We keep your moments alive, together to be strong.” 

The memorial video promotes unity through action as well as word. 

“We will always remember those who we have lost, they live in our hearts, our minds, and our prayers,” Berke said. 

The online memorial can be found here.

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