Harry Potter on the Rise… Again?

By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor–

One of the most popular franchises of the century has been J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The books have been translated to 80 different languages, and as of 2021, over 500 million copies have been sold. When the books first hit the shelves, both children and adults alike began to enter the magical world of Harry Potter.

The franchise changed when in 2001 the first Harry Potter movie was released, and everyone became mesmerized by the fantasy world that was Hogwarts. Now in 2021, the series has taken over on many social media platforms including Twitter, TikTok and Youtube. Social media has given many teens the opportunity to bond over a series that gave them a new world to enter.

As years passed, the series branched out all over the world, being featured at lots of amusement parks. Being a part of the Harry Potter community has become a rite of passage; throwing a Harry Potter-themed party or having a marathon to watch every movie or even finding and collecting every wand is exciting to kids and adults alike. There are many ways to enter the world of Harry Potter, and while the books and movies are different, they provide the same magical feeling.

This year for Christmas I received the book series and movies, and I have noticed that a number of my friends received one or both of these gifts as well. I think the sudden influx comes from the popularity of Harry Potter on social media over the past year. Since TikTok has risen to popularity, there has been a newfound community of people who share their fandom over the platform.

Both teens and adults on TikTok have been trying new trends and sharing their passion for the series. Having a wand collection in itself has been one of the most popular trends, in addition to sharing one’s house at Hogwarts. There are numerous people who have also started pages disclosing the differences in the books and movies.

For those who haven’t read the books, there is interest in seeing the differences that exist between the books and the movies. I felt that in reading the books and watching the movies around the same time that I have seen a difference in fans of each. There is a separation between true fans of the book series and fans of the movies.

Nevertheless, this franchise is one that can appeal to numerous audiences and ages, which offers yet another unique aspect to the world of Harry Potter. Not many franchises are able to appeal to so many people which makes the popularity of Harry Potter so much more fun.

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