A Letter to the Editor (And Community)

Dear Members of the UTC Community,

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s the perfect time to show our love for kids – our future generation. This year, particularly due to the devastating impacts of COVID-19, kids need all the love and support possible. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, I’m joining Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) in urging policymakers to have a heart and invest in kids.

Kids have really struggled since the onset of the pandemic. Due to widespread school and childcare closures, countless children have missed out on crucial early learning opportunities and, in many cases, haven’t had their basic nutritional needs met.

Did you know that since the onset of the pandemic, food insecurity rates have tripled for families with children across the nation? In fact, more than 12 million children are affected by this hunger crisis. And, without federal support, the country could lose 4.5 million childcare slots – meaning potentially 4.5 million kids without early learning and care opportunities.

The good news is that President Biden has recently proposed the American Rescue Plan which would ensure kids recover – and emerge more successful – from the pandemic. The plan includes substantial support for the childcare industry, as well as programs combatting child hunger.

It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for kids.

Join me in urging Representative Chuck Fleischmann to have a heart and support this this kid-friendly COVID-19 relief legislation. Our future depends on it.

-Akbar Rahmani, UT Chattanooga Senior

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