Following UTC’s Stand Against Racism

By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor-

The stand against racism continues, UTC has taken measures to ensure that racism is not tolerated and values are upheld.

With the events that have occurred since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement the university has tried to bring justice to UTC and the community.

Chancellor Dr. Steven Angle stated in the Update Against Racism that,

“I called upon the entire UTC community to join the Executive Leadership Team and me to focus on our intensity, integrity, passion and compassion on combatting racism.”

The university want to do just more, with this brought the search for a Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement. UTC felt that taking this action will ensure they meet the standards set for themselves.

Angle continued,

“I pledged that we would identify the examples, causes and consequences of systemic racism within this institution, the community and our broader society and insisted that we take intentional, transparent and decisive action to dismantle it.”

UTC’s changes to fight racism have been a year in the making. Systematic racism is not always easy to understand or take a stand against.

This is a historic time for the university and what they are trying to do for races that are discriminated against. UTC has prided itself in being a diverse school that is open to engagement and inclusion.

Director of Civic Engagement, David Steele gave insight to the process of leadership and change the university is working towards.

“There has been a more diverse pool of candidates in every way you can imagine. Many have met the minimum criteria. The focus is on the continuity and the beginning of change.”

Having the right candidate for the role is of the most importance to UTC. Therefore the changes in which the university wants to achieve are done correctly.

The job and interview have not been taken lightly, the diversity and values of the candidate are what represent UTC and our purpose.

The university has taken measures by using focus groups to help relay information. Along with working with the Chattanooga community to help with continued engagement.

The chancellor stated that “we must remain vigilant: our values must be reflected in our deeds and actions.” This shows the commitment UTC has set out to continue in the fight against racism.

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