If You Don’t Know What Canva is, It’s Time to Learn

By Rainey Bartram, Social Media

Canva.com is a graphic design-focused website that has templates for anything you could possibly imagine, making it great for businesses who need a quick graphic or designers who are practicing their skill.

I discovered Canva a few months back when a classmate who had an exceptionally well-designed slideshow (complete with animated graphics), told me she made it on Canva. I immediately went to check it out and found an abundance of free templates for anything from an Instagram post to a recipe card.

Did I mention it’s free?

All you do is make an account, and you instantly have access to thousands of templates, design ideas, fun elements, fonts and more. I am decently new to working on my graphic design skills, so playing around with Canva has been a fun way to get creative. I recently updated my resumé using one of their templates. I made a cookbook for my boyfriend’s favorite recipes as a personal project.

On the more professional side, the organization I’m doing my internship with is a big fan of Canva, so the fact that I already was familiar with it was a big plus for them. I run the social media accounts for the Echo too, and Canva is an easy way for me to make posts that look great without stressing about how to make them look great.

There is a Pro version of Canva. It’s currently $12.95 a month, so around the same price as your average streaming subscription service. Canva Pro gives you access to a LOT more elements for your designs, as well as templates. I’ve found that there are usually some pretty good free templates, but the elements, like drawings, symbols, shapes, really anything you could think of, is where Canva Pro really shines. Each template, font, and element is clearly labeled Pro so if you don’t pay, it’s easy to avoid selecting items you can’t use. Canva lets you customize your design sizes and gives you a variety of ways to download your design to whatever best fits your needs.

Canva is on the rise in businesses and is becoming a really popular platform because it’s extremely user friendly. Whether you’re a business looking for a way to streamline your company-wide design process, or just someone who wants super cool slideshows for class, Canva can become your best friend.  

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