UTC Brings Routine Weekly COVID-19 Testing

By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor-

Routine testing for COVID-19 has come to UTC, starting a bi-weekly rotation for students, faculty and staff to get tested. Starting Feb. 8 anyone returning to campus will be automatically put in the system for testing.

The cycle of routine testing is to ensure that the school is aware of how many students, faculty and staff are ill and hopefully limit the exposure to the community.

If you are selected for the test there will be an email sent from the Routine Testing Center.

Upon receiving the email there is a portal that can be opened through mocs net that will let you set an appointment for the covid test. The testing center will give a self-swab rapid test and results will be given within 15 minutes.

Director of Student Conduct, Outreach and Support and CARE Team Chairmen Brett Fuchs explained UTC’s goal with routine testing.

“All out pre-existing processes and procedures have certainly been reviewed and under a constant improvement since we reopened in the fall 2020 semester. With the introduction of routine testing, we hope to better understand how Covid-19 is impacting our University community at any given time.”

The University’s counseling center has started hosting “Real Talk ‘Bout Rona” a virtual space for student to login and feel support during quarantine and isolation.

The space is open every Friday at three and students can register through UTCCOUNSELINGCENTER@UTC.EDU.

Senior Marketing Major, John Mattingly gave insight to how he feels about returning to campus and the rotating weekly testing.

“I think UTC has done a great job handling classes during a pandemic. I feel they have set appropriate guidelines for returning to class. I feel a lot better going to campus knowing that students and faculty have been cleared to teach and attend.”

Both the university and Chattanooga community have been working together to ensure the safety of those at UTC.

Fuchs continued in stating,

“This process will help aid the University’s efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among the community, hopefully helping keep our community safe, healthy and open for in-person activities as in class, general business and student activities.”

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