Discussion with a Doc Sheds Light on Working During Pandemic

By Allen Lin, Staff Writer-

A Peek Behind the Curtain (PBC) is a series created to ease the minds of students who are looking into the medical field. 

Hosted by Theresa Blackman, the pre-health advisor, these events were started to introduce students to current events in healthcare and help students understand the rigorous path of becoming a physician.

Discussion with a Doc, which was held on Feb. 8, helped students learn about certain aspects of healthcare and gave students the opportunity to ask questions to a physician.

“I see a lot of students who think all is lost because of one bad grade or term. I can tell them until the cows come home they are okay,” Blackman said. “But on some level, I think they don’t quite believe me, so having someone who is a doctor say, ‘Hey, I had a bad term, but look at me now’ is super helpful.”

The event featured Keith and Dr. Rhonda Graham, a sixth-year pediatrician in Alabama. Dr. Graham shared what it was like to work during the coronavirus pandemic. 

UTC student, Ethan White asked how she is able to work with people who are consumed with misinformation. 

Dr. Graham emphasized the need to speak truth over opinions. 

“Tell the patients ‘I know’ instead of ‘I believe,’” Dr. Graham said. “When you say ‘I know,’ then you are backing them up with evidence based on science.”

Blackman will continue to host events like these and will invite more healthcare practitioners to share their stories. She hopes students will be more engaged in current events regarding healthcare and question why something is happening. 

 “My background is in history, so it’s always been important to me that context of an event shine through. That’s what makes so much more sense when you understand the why,” Blackman said. “That is what I hope pre-med students take away from these. To dive deeper into the why, it will make them better students, better doctors, and better humans.”

Students are able to get information from speaking with adults in their field of study, and PBC events give students reassurance. 

PBC will have four more events, and students can register here

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