Saying Goodbye to Social Media for a Month

By Stephanie Swart, Photo Editor–

In light of the New Year’s resolution trend, I decided to make my own temporary resolution—be free of social media for the month of February. You may wonder why I chose February, the second month of the new year, and to be transparent with you, I did not want to be off of social media while I was home for winter break during the majority of January. What else was I supposed to do besides binge Netflix from my couch and scroll through my social media timelines amidst a pandemic?

I also chose February because the Spring semester began in the second half of January, and I knew by the time February rolled around, my classes would be in full swing. The first day without social media stung a bit. However, within the first few hours I noticed an increase in productivity. I actually got the bulk of my homework done before midnight. I regret to admit how dependent I am on social media to fill in the gaps of my day. When I am not working diligently on homework, I reach for my phone and check my top five—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok. Even when I no longer had access to these apps, I found myself reverting back to a muscle memory. My fingers know where each social media app usually resides on my home screen and without thought, they would swipe to find the apps and check them. I even had a delayed reaction of realizing what my hands were doing. They had a mind of their own! 

As the days went on, my fingers moved on their own less and less, and I soon forgot about my accounts some days. I am now halfway through the month of February and I am almost scared to jump back in to social media. I am afraid that once I grant myself access to my top five I will binge them until I feel I have caught up on what I have missed over the past month. My plan of action is to ease my way back into the apps rather than hop back on every platform at once. 

This experience has encouraged me to plan on taking time away from these social media platforms more often throughout the year so that I can focus on productivity and more quality time with people. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll rid myself of them all.

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