The Portrayal of Wealth in the Series Dynasty

By Regina Baker, Asst. News Editor–

This week I had the opportunity to watch a serious on Netflix, the 2017 version of Dynasty, which follows the life of the fictional wealthy Carrington family. The show displays the standard rich stereotype: a father running a company, his daughter coming for the title of CEO and a new young step mother making a name for herself. What I found fascinating is the way that the serious depicts the upper class to the perspective of the viewer. American adults are taught to follow the American dream which Intel’s a big house, car and family.

Dynasty shows all the advantages of living wealthy, they have butlers, cooks, drivers, etc. As I kept watching the show and as the drama progressed, I observed the ways they portrayed how money could help avoid trouble. The family had cops on speed dial, government officials, and even judges in their pocket. This insinuated that the family could not be touched, and with that, I started to think about the wealthy class in everyday America. Should the portrayal of those with money like those on the show not be held to the same standard in the justice system?

I found it uncomfortable that they showed that for a price, it was possible to evade consequences for actions. The main characters get away with the cruelest of crimes and no one bats an eye because of their name and their standing. Looking at the ways that money has helped the characters get around the system, it highlights how money has torn them apart.

The series showed the misconception of wealth, and there is a very intriguing aspect of seeing the life of a family with so much money. With having advantages through wealth there are always disadvantages that come too. I feel the show could have given more insight to the struggles of each character and less to the fighting among them. This would have given a better perspective to the viewer of how their lives really are.  

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