Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Re-recorded Hit Single

By Lorena Grajales, Editor-in-Chief-

Since mid-2020, I have been taken through the emotional rollercoaster that is keeping up with Taylor Swift’s surprises in the music industry. In late July of last year, Taylor released her eighth studio album “folklore,” followed shortly by her sister album, “evermore” five months later.

After having these lyrically astonishing albums on repeat since then, I thought Swift could not surprise her fanbase any more than that, anytime soon. Of course, I was pleasantly mistaken when she announced she would be releasing her re-recorded version of her hit single “Love Story,” thirteen years later.

At midnight on Feb. 12, the intricate story between Romeo and Juliet was retold in this song, with a more mature yet classic sound. Before the song came out, I wondered what would change, what would stay the same and most importantly, if the fairytale-like emotions that came while hearing the original version would still be there. The beginning of the song is recreated almost exactly the same, except with less of the “country” instrumentals that the original song gives off.

Throughout the song, we hear a difference in Swift’s enunciation of specific words, which I noticed sounded the alarms for Swifties all over social media. Nothing beats the climatic bridge of the song, where Romeo and Juliet at last get their happily ever after. Although both versions hold very similar sounds, I feel that Taylor approached this version with more of a modern style. I did not know how this recording could exceed my expectations, but leave it to the queen of songwriting to accomplish just that. After thirteen years, Swift’s voice has evolved to be stronger and more stable, which makes her music even more enjoyable.

 “Love Story” will forever hold a special place in my heart because of the nostalgia it brings from blasting it in my high school days, to now blasting the new version my senior year of college. Without a doubt, Taylor Swift’s talent shines through when bringing a story to life in a song she wrote in twenty minutes, at thirteen years old on her bedroom floor.

This song was just a tease of what we can expect from Swift in the next few months, as rumors circulate that say she prepares to drop her entire album “Fearless” on April 9. I am beyond ecstatic to see what hear what else is in the works; but in the meantime, I will be blasting “Love Story” every chance I get.

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