Spreading Galentine’s Day Love

By Sally Kate Zaft, Staff Writer-

Sunday may have been Valentine’s Day, but Freshman Senate wanted to continue spreading love to everyone through their Galentine’s Day stand. 

On Monday, Feb. 15, Freshman Senate opened their Galentine’s Day stand from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for students to receive goodie bags. The women working the event had posters advertising their purpose and free items for female students. 

Emaan Aziz, a member of the Freshman Senate, shared some insight about the goal of the stand. 

“We’re part of the Freshman Senate, and Valentine’s Day came up, and obviously it has its own traditions, so we decided as a group we would all wanna spread some positivity and love just by doing this in the University Center,” Aziz said. 

Khushi Zaver, another member of the Freshman Senate, described the goodie bags they were handing out and why they wanted to host the stand. 

“We hand wrote all these notes, with just some quotes about being yourself and having a good day and just a good little self-reminder that you should have,” Zaver said. “Especially because some people probably feel lonely during this time, but they shouldn’t because they have themselves and they have their friends.”

Cruel Jones, a member of the Freshman Senate, shared their hopes for what this stand might accomplish for others. 

“Hopefully, people can post it and be like, ‘Hey, this is what they did, and that made my day a whole lot better,’” Jones said. 

Taylor Bradshaw, a Freshman Senate advisor, agreed with what Aziz, Zaver, and Jones had to say about the stand. 

“Freshman Senate decided to have the Galentine’s event as a way to help spread positivity and also celebrate friendship. Obviously, living in a pandemic has caused a lot of extra stress, and it has been easy to forget to find joy in everyday life for many college students,” Bradshaw said. “So, the Social Issues, Equity, and Diversity committee decided they wanted to bring love and extra positivity to put a smile on people’s faces in a time that is meant to celebrate love and friendship because who doesn’t love candy.” 

Bradshaw shared that Freshman Senate is actively planning more events similar to this for the future. These events will be advertised on their Instagram @utcfreshsenate or on MocSync

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