Black Panther Screening shares the Meaning of Representation

By Zoe Morton, Staff Writer- 

In celebration of BHM the university showcased a screening of Black Panther to highlight the cultural representation given though the film.

UTC’s Office of Student and Family Engagement & Housing and Residency Life hosted the showing for the 2018 film on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

The screening was originally followed by a guided discussion of the movie led by UTC students, faculty, and staff.

Due to inclement weather, it became more of a celebration of Black Panther’s legacy and a time for students to relax. 

Black Panther, which was released in 2018, is groundbreaking in terms of representation for Black culture. 

With a Black Director, and almost entirely Black cast, this film features representation for all black people, and allows black children to see superheroes that look like them on the big screen. 

Even more groundbreaking, is how Black Panther showcases Africa and celebrates the culture of a country that is often only talked about through the guise of colonization and white saviorism. 

Taylor Asgard, Coordinator for Student Engagement, discussed why they chose Black Panther for the movie screening. Stating, 

“We felt this film was important to Black History Month due to the impact the initial Black Panther comic had. Additionally, Black Panther shows incredible representation which is why we felt it was important to Black History Month.” 

Additionally Asgard discussed how the screening honored Chadwich Boseman, the lead from Black Panther, who sadly passed away in August of 2020, after privately suffering from colon cancer for four years. 

To find more information on the Black History Celebrations around campus, check Mocsync to see upcoming events.

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